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Why Choose Ethicann Pharmaceuticals ?


The market for all cannabis products, worldwide, is growing rapidly and will likely reach USD $150 billion within the next several years. At Ethicann Pharmaceuticals, we believe the real opportunity will be for ethical cannabinoid pharmaceuticals, which could be more than 60% of that global market. Ethicann Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing therapies for various diseases - therapies for which the company will seek formal approval by regulatory authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, and like agencies worldwide.

Currently there is a high medical need to much better utilize the positive medical properties of cannabinoids. A more patient-targeted therapy for different indications would potentially give suffering patients a big advantage that are currently treated sub optimally.

Ethicann Pharmaceuticals Inc., which follows this approach, was formed in May 2018 by experienced senior executives that had already worked successfully for a company developing cannabinoid products.

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